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Anthopometrical points for measurements at calculation of basic patterns in the program "Cutter"

Measuring of human figure

*Full circumferences of the torso are divided by two: only half of the measurement is recorded.

1. Half neck*
Measured above 7-th vertebra point (p.1). Measuring tape is placed around the base of the neck and closed in front above the jugular notch (p.3).

2. Half of the Bust I*
Measuring tape is placed horizontally across the back. The top edge of the tape must touch back underarm points (p.7), then continue under arms. The tape is placed above the breasts and closed on the right side of the chest.

3. Half of the Bust II*
The measuring tape is placed horizontally around the body over the bust points. This measurement defines your garment size.

4. Half Waist*
Measured horizontally at the thinnest part of the torso.

5. Half Hip*
Measured horizontally at the widest part of the hips and across the buttock points (p.8). If tummy is present, weaken the measuring tape to allow extra room for the tummy.

6. Bust height
Measured vertically from the neck base point to the bust point.

7. Front length
This measurement is taken immediately after the Bust height. It is taken from the neck base point (p.1), over the bust point (p.5) and down to the waist level.

8.Half of the Chest width*
Measured across the chest above the bust, between front underarm points (p.6)

9. Bust separation*
Measured horizontally between the bust points (p.5).

10. Back length
Measured vertically from the 7-th vertebra point (p.1) along the spine to the waist level. Before taking this measurement, a tape should be tied around the waist to mark the waist position.

11. Back shoulder diagonal
The shortest distance between the point where the spine and waist lines cross to the shoulder point (p.4).

12. Half Back width*
Measured horizontally, the tape is placed over the shoulder blades between back underarm points (p.7).

13. Shoulder blade separation*
Measure horizontally the distance between the protruding shoulder blades' points.

14. Side length
To take this measurement you will require a strip of paper about 5 cm wide and 70 cm long. Place the strip across back and under armpits. Make sure the shoulders are relaxed and down. Measure the distance between the top edge of paper strip and the waist level.

15. Torso position
The distance between the most protruding points of the back and the nape of the neck. Can be measured while standing with your back touching the wall - measure the distance between the wall and the nape of the neck.

16. Shoulder width
Measured from the neck base point (p.2) to shoulder point (p.4).

17. Arm length
Measured on the outer side of the arm, from the shoulder point to the first thumb joint.

18. Arm girth
Measured horizontally around the thickest part of the arm. The top edge of the tape touches back underarm point (p.7).

19. Wrist
Measured around the wrist over the Ulnar styloid process.

20. Inseam
Measured on the inner side of the leg from the crotch to the floor. Legs should be slightly apart.

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