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Pavlova N.I. is author of calculated method for "Cutter".

More 60 years of sewing experience.
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Those who able to sew also know as frequently appears difficulty of using of an exist patterns on a figure of a concrete customer, when without many additional fitting and adjusting to custom figure a pattern will not succeeded correctness. This solution, released in the program "Cutter", by comparison, is little known..

Process of modelling can be divided into 3 stages. The first stage of modelling is working at solution of a dress composition, performance of the sketch of model and selection of a material to it. The second stage is definition of control areas and points on the basic pattern and drawing style lines. The third stade is development of patterns. The initial stage of a patterns development is..
Cutter is an effective tool for individual tailoring. The program performs instant and precision calculation of dress patterns according to the individual measurements of the custom's figure with followed printout the drawing in 1:1, 1:2, 1:4 scales on any size paper.

The demo version provides calculation of all the dress patterns and print out skirts to check print on your equipment.

The unique technique, based on the experience of decades of practical work and more than 17 years of development and use of the program for the first time in the sewing business, calculates basic patterns with accuracy of 1 mm according to the entered measurements and gives to make the dress practically without adjustment. Also all the fabric edges to stitching are coordinates with each other according to a sewing technology. This was made possible by using combinations of analytical and numerical methods for calculating constructions implemented in the native program code. That makes a personal tailoring competitive on quality, speed and a price. This is especially important in the modern conditions of abundance of a finished clothes.

Garment design involves 2 stages of drafting: the 1st stage is drafting basic pattern, the 2nd is drafting decorative lines and making cutting alterations.

The drafting of a basic pattern is the drafting of a design scan of smoothed outlines of human figure with the necessary eases and decorative finishing based on the basic body measurement points. The first stage (drafting a basic pattern) is the most labor-consuming one, though if fashion or models change, the rules of drafting a design and the calculation formulas remain constant.

Basic patterns in the program are sewing patterns in classic style. On the printout of the basic patterns, you can make the changes necessary for the dress modelling, and then transfer the patterns to the fabric. The presence of complex sleeves in the program greatly simplifies the modelling. Examples of modelling on the basis patterns calculated in the program "Cutter" (290 models) you can look in the section Clothes Modeling.

At the moment, version 4.20 is completed, in which the calculations of all ladies' and men's basic patterns currently known is implemented. Which are also accurate when calculating children's. The is a final version of calculating the basics patterns of clothing. By purchasing this version, you will forever get the opportunity to accurately calculate all types of outerwear.

Women's basic patterns which are included in the program: a dress, blazer, light and winter coat, all straight and fitted silhouettes and collars to them: a standing, point, turnover, swan-necked, shawl, notched.

Sleeves: a one-piece, two-piece, shirt, raglan, kimono, drop, batwing.

Also a skirt, culottes, classic trousers, loose fitting pants, jeans, shorts.

Men's basic patterns: a shirt, jacket, demi-season and winter coat, suit jacket, vest and collars to them: a standing, point, turnover, shawl, notched.

Sleeves: a one-piece, two-piece, shirt, raglan.

Also a classic fit trousers, trousers with lowered waist, loose fitting pants, jeans.

For the notched and shawl collars, it is possible to edit the position of the upper loop and the width of the edge of the front by the mouse. The height of the sleeve cap and a width of the cuff in a shirt sleeve are also edited by the mouse. In the ladies' raglan it is possible to change the shape of the raglan deflection.

It is separately important to note realization of exact calculation of lengths cap sleeves on length of an armhole taking into account H entered by the user - norm of reduction on 1 cm of an armhole.

The program for Windows from XP to 10s inclusive. Delivered "as is", so be sure to check the demo on your computer - if the demo works, then the full version will be work. The demo gives a calculation of all the basics patterns and the print out of a skirt to check the print. The full version includes printing of all the basics patterns. It has no restrictions on the time of use and the number of prints.

  Each customer is provided with a copy of full version of the program. If you want to learn more, please download a demo-version of Cutter 4.20 here! ZIP archive, 1.3 MB. In the demo version a printout of all patterns, except for a skirt is removed. Unpack the archive and start Cutter.exe. Will help you to test the program the table of a typical figures measurements.

Also you can download the freeware version of program Cutter 1.44 lite free!. here! ZIP archive, 539 KB. The some of the earliest basic patterns of waistline garments are included in this version. They are applicable for medium sizes and growths. To obtain a precise patterns for any size, you must use version 4.20.

If you are interested in purchasing a license (USD $40), download a demo-version of Cutter 4.20 and go to Help>Buy Full Version.. in the Main Menu. If you have any questions in regards the order, or the program or any questions on how it works please write me a letter . It will be replied in 2-3 days.

The provisional estimation of a recoupment of the program can be made so: we shall assume an average cost of an order $25. Cutting is usually estimated in 30 % from cost of an order. We shall reset on necessity of modelling, also we shall add because the program gives speed and quality. We have 40/7.5=5,3 the recoupment after 5 - 10 orders.
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Example of pants designed on the patterns that calculated in this program

View the examples in greater size View the examples in greater size View the examples in greater size View the examples in greater size
Are made for school of modern dance "Belka"(Squirrel) in Vitebsk. Head is Puchko N.P..

Screen shot and awards JFCreator — fractals generator. Version 1.02. Vieiewing of bewitching images of fractal Julia easily received in program JFPCreator removes a stress and improves mood. The program allows to observe deformations a fractal structures "in real time" at change of factors, has ampleopportunitiess of selection of a palette, scaling and a choice of viewing area. The liked images can be kept in fractal a format, it is compact and without loss of quality, to look through on all screen and in the mode of slide-show. The help file contains the full description and can facilitate development of the programessentially.

Download the JFCreator 1.02 here! The program JFCreator 1.02 in ZIP archive. Its size is 496 kb. It does not demand installation. Unpack in the desirable catalogue and execute JFCreator.exe.

Some fractals from JFCreator

To the image of the greater size. To the image of the greater size. To the image of the greater size. To the image of the greater size. To the image of the greater size.

To the image of the greater size. The program shows strange attractor. The static image is not enough interestingly, but when it is transformed at change of parameters... Is on what to look. The intuitive interface allows to choose initial value of each parameter, a step of change, Range for automatic transformation. Is direct to operate transformation. To choose attractor and background colors and number of iterations. The detailed description in the file Read_me!.txt in the catalogue of the program. FreeWare.

Download here! In ZIP archive. Its size is 374 kb. It does not demand installation. Unpack in the desirable catalogue and execute S-Attractor.exe

To the image of the greater size. To the image of the greater size. To the image of the greater size. To the image of the greater size. To the image of the greater size. To the image of the greater size. To the image of the greater size.

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